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Adapter / Bulkhead Type Fixed Optical Attenuator

Fixed adaptor type optical Attenuator (Fixed bulkhead type or Fixed Female-Female optical attenuator) utilizes the air gap between two connectors to achieve the optical attenuation. It has a similar structure of a Female-Female standard fiber adapter. Fixed adapter type optical is simple, low-cost and compact. It is recommended for use where return loss is not a concern nor is absolute attenuation value.

Fixed adapter type optical attenuators feature high power endurance and low back reflection. They feature all fiber construction easy to install, available for the panel. Fixed adapter type optical attenuators are widely used in ODF, fiber transmission equipment and instrument etc.

Our Fixed adapter type optical attenuators are available in ST/PC, FC/PC or SC/PC format, with fixed attenuation values of 3dB, 5dB, 10dB, 15dB, and 20dB. Multimode or Singlemode can be supplied for operation at 850nm, 1300nm, or 1550nm.

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