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HuakeFiber Cassette Cleaner

HuakeFiber optical interface cleaner, using high-tech manufacturing, with a good cleaning effect. Each cassette can clean optical interface 500.


1 Replacement
Note that in the process of replacement of the cleaning cartridge to keep clean.

2 Remove the old cassette
(1) open the back cover of the cleaner, and careful observation of the installation location before the cassette replacement before installation in order to facilitate the installation;
(2). Cassette runs out remove the left side of the gear shaft, then remove the upper side of the black bezel;
(3) pressing the outside of the cleaner metal buttons, rotate the upper right side of the gear protruding plastic clamp to the plane of the metal shaft position, remove the transparent film on the large gear by hand to press the plastic card to the inside, also remove after the use of cleaning cassette.

3 replaced with a new cassette
(1). First new cleaning cassette in the left gear, gently pull about 7 cm long, in order to bypass the left side of the white shaft and the right side of a small white shaft;
(2) the right gear at the top of plastic clamp to the inside, press and hold the yellow sleeve on the large gear;
(3) the cleaning cassette into the middle of the white bezel tape position, depending on the location of the black baffle installation slot tight seated black bezel, and pay attention to both sides not to get stuck cleaning cartridge;
(4). Put two transparent film, pulling cleaner keys 2-3 times, observe the tape is smooth;
(5). The back cover and appropriate force to tighten the screws, the screws do not over tighten.
Save: product storage environment must be kept dry, clean.
Shelf life: 2 years

  • Optical Fast Connector
  • Fiber Optic Connector
  • Fiber Optic Assembly
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Fiber Optic Adapter
  • Fused Coupler
  • PLC Splitter
  • Fiber Optic Media Converter
  • Optical Transceiver Module
  • Fiber Optic Patch Panel
  • Fiber Optic Splice Enclosure
  • Fiber Optic Terminal Box
  • Fiber Test Equipments
  • Fiber Optic Prep. Tools
  • Fiber Optic Tool Kits
  • FTTH Products
  • Fiber Cleaning Solutions
  • Fiber Optic Attenuators
  • Fiber Optic Polishing & Epoxy
  • MPO / MTP Cleaning
  • MPO MTP cassettes / modules
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