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LC Shuttered Adaptor MPO MTP cassettes/MPO modules

The Complete Connect range of MTP MPO Cassettes offer customers instant Click-2-Connect™ connectivity.

LC 24 Fibre or SC 12 Fibre Front Presentation

1U or 3U Housings

The M Series Shuttered LC MTP MPO cassette (also called MPO module) is perfect for areas of frequent patching and re-patching.

The modular design of these cassettes/modules provides a low loss, easily installable solution which can grow as requirements dictate thereby avoiding the purchasing of unused connectivity to give maximum network flexibility and value.

Product overview

The Complete connect shuttered MTP cassettes/modules are designed for instant Click-2-Connect® installation.

Each cassette/module slots simply into a fibre housing panel and instantly offers up to 12 LC ports or 6 SC ports. A maximum of 3 cassettes can fit into our 1U housing panel and 14 cassettes fit into our 3U housing panel, giving 36 LC ports and 168 LC ports respectively.

Each cassette is then connected at the rear via MTP trunk cables which click into the rear MTP couplers in the cassette. The cassette is then ready for patching into equipment. No further installation is required.

All cassettes are sealed following channel testing at the factory and are serial number traceable and are supplied with full test results.

The polarity is managed across the network within the MTP cassettes/MTP modules and backbone MTP cables.

The M300 Series cassettes/modules use standard connectors whilst the M310 Series uses low loss premium grade LC/UPC connectors and MTP ELITE® connectors.

M Series shuttered LC MTP MPO cassette/shuttered module options

Front connectivity options
6 LC duplex shuttered adaptors – for 12 fibre cassettes
12 LC duplex shuttered adaptors – for 24 fibre cassettes
12 SC simplex shuttered adaptors – for 12 fibre cassettes
LC Shuttered Adaptor MPO Cassette

Cassette housing options
1U slide and tilt pPanel – holds up to 3 cassettes (72 fibres)
3U fixed panel – holds up to 14 cassettes (336 fibres)
Polarity options
A as standard with key up / key down rear MTP adaptors (B and C also available)
Further Information
OM3, OM4 and singlemode (OS2)
Factory terminated & tested
Supplied with performance certificate
Supports 10GbE and future migration to 40GbE and 100GbE

MPO Cassette Optical Performance

M300 MPO MTP Cassettes
M310 MPO MTP Cassettes

OM3 Optical Performance


Mated Pair*

0.20 db (IL Ave)
0.60 dB (IL Max)
0.10 db (IL Ave)
dB (IL Max)
LC and SC
Mated Pair*
0.15 db (IL Ave)
0.30 dB (IL Max)

0.08 db (IL Ave)
dB (IL Max)


OM4 Optical Performance


Mated Pair*

Not Available
0.10 db (IL Ave)
dB (IL Max)
LC and SC
Mated Pair*

0.08 db (IL Ave)
dB (IL Max)


Singlemode Optical Performance


Mated Pair*

0.25 dB IL (Ave / Typical)
0.75 dB IL Maximum
dB Return Loss
0.10 db (IL Ave)
0.35 dB (IL Max)
dB (Return Loss)
LC and SC
Mated Pair*
db (IL Ave)
0.30 dB (IL Max)
>55/65 dB (Return Loss UPC/APC)

0.12 db (IL Ave)
0.15 dB (IL Max)
>55/65 dB (Return Loss UPC/APC)
Compliance to Standards
and ISO/IEC 11801 – cable
IEC-61754-7 & EIA/TIA-604-5 – MTP®
Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and
IEC-61754-20 (LC) & IEC-61754-14 (SC)
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